Germans Looking For Euro Exit?

Written by Donald Hank on Thursday, 06 September 2012. Posted in Opinion, Donald Hank

Europe's future looks increasingly dim, with speculation in Germany that Great Britain should leave the EU and with green pressure groups calling for ill advised major investments in questionable green energy initiatives.

Germans Looking For Euro Exit?

The online journal German Foreign Policy recently ran an article based in turn on an article in an influential professional journal. While German Foreign Policy’s web site does include an English language section, this article did not seem to have been translated. The excerpts below are my translations:

“The leading newspaper on Berlin’s foreign policy blames France and Great Britain for an emerging “democratic vacuum” in the EU. The governments of both states have refused to agree to the German demands for managing the euro crisis to the fullest extent, according to an article in the current edition of the technical journal “Internationale Politik.” The new splits within the EU must be blamed on this lack of subordination, which are causing growing marginalization of the Europarliament and hence a democracy deficit.”

So the 2 countries that were nearly destroyed by a defiant Germany in the last war are now supposed to bow to Germany’s wishes? And if France and Britain don’t kowtow to Germany, then that means they are destroying democracy, ja? Maybe in fact it means that France and Britain are just now rediscovering their sovereignty. How sweet that must be after all these years of bowing to the German hegemony. 

“One solution could be for Great Britain to exit the EU. While the charges are aimed at releasing Berlin from increasing criticism of its austerity orders, which are in fact issued against the will of democratically elected governments, the crisis keeps escalating. Berlin is promoting the establishment of “special economic zones” in the EU periphery: Low-wage sites where EU personnel is helping create favorable business conditions for European economic centers – without democratic legitimacy as far as EU personnel is concerned.”

This is a blockbuster because for the first time, the PC German media at the highest levels are talking about the breakup of the EU itself, suggesting that Britain should LEAVE the EU.


Possible reasons:

1--They know the UK is sick and tired of the EU and has been a thorn in the side of the EU masters for years.

2--They also know the EU is not part of the Eurozone, so damage would be less than if a Eurozone member dropped out.

3--Many Germans want out of the EU, which has turned out to be a bad investment. But they don’t want to bear the brunt of the blame if it collapses. It is to their advantage to have the UK “break the ice.”

4--German guilt. It is awkward for Germany to impose its will on Great Britain.

This suggestion, if realized, would give a longer lease to Greece's membership. So what's in the pipeline for Greece?

The Ecologic Institute, an influential "green" NGO operating in Germany, is now making a lot of noise about Greece becoming a "special economic zone," which would supply northern Europe with "green" energy, most likely from photovoltaic cells or wind. 

This promises to be an even greater disaster than the problems with Greece's overspending and undertaxing.

Skeptical Greek professor Panagiotis Sotiris writes of this project:

“The same attempt to present Greece as a potential investor’s paradise is evident in how endeavors such as the Helios project are presented. A big project to install solar planes to generate electricity to be exported towards Central Europe and Germany, it is presented as a unique opportunity and as example of the determination to do away with all zoning, environmental, archaeological barriers to investment.”

The fact is, power would have to be transported by power lines over at least a thousand miles, from Greece to as far north as Germany.

Not only would the investment costs be enormous for a region that is plumb out of money, but green energy is the most expensive energy by far. On top of that, power loses wattage as it travels over long distances, so you don’t wind up with what you put into the system. In the case of this enormous distance, there may not be much power left by the time it reached its destination.

Considering the disaster that was Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's "green jobs" boondoggle in Spain, a major contributor to Europe's highest unemployment rate, this Greek green power scheme could be another nail in Europe's coffin.


Click (here) to read the German Foreign Policy article "Die Chance in Griechenland nutzen".

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