A Plea for Grant-Control. Plus, Deport James Holmes And All San Diegans

Written by Becky Akers on Thursday, 26 July 2012. Posted in Opinion, Becky Akers

Government loves it's wars, like those against terror and drugs, that serve to limit freedom. Not as well known, but just as disastrous is government's war on movement.

A Plea for Grant-Control. Plus, Deport James Holmes And All San Diegans

I’ve been waiting all this week for someone, anyone, to demand grant-control. Didn’t James Holmes’ carnage in Colorado prove our overwhelming need for same? Consider: “doctoral students receive free [sic for ‘paid for by others’] tuition, and most get federally sponsored 12-month grants of $26,000, about $500 a week. Holmes, who was not employed, bought an assault rifle, shotgun, two semi-automatic handguns and 6,000 rounds of ammunition…”

Fathom that, if you can. Americans are losing their jobs and homes, yet Our Rulers continue to rob them lest the supply of socialists and academics wane. Now, I’ve nothing against scholarship, especially the non-Marxist variety — indeed, I’m all for it. But pursue it on your own dime, Pinheads, not ours.

Yet politicians and their cheerleaders in the corporate media don’t hype grant-control as they exploit the tragedy in Colorado. Oh my no, they extol gun-control. (Though I suppose we should be grateful few statists other than CBS are agitating for censorship, either in general or of Batman specifically.) Why aren’t these nincompoops hollering instead for grant-control? Or, better yet, the abolition of these subsidies? Without the leisure and sustenance Our Rulers purchased Mr. Holmes, he would have confronted a much more difficult if not impossible feat in pulling off this massacre.

No matter. Attorney General Eric Holder, that shameless hypocrite who supplied guns bought with our taxes to Mexico’s unelected criminals, huffed, “We have tried to come up with a better system with our instant background checks so that we have the ability to make sure that people who have emotional problems, people who have felony records, other people [sic for ‘everybody’] cannot get access to these kinds of weapons."

Yo, Hypocrite: how’s about keeping your filthy mitts off the Second Amendment and instead “make sure that people who have emotional problems, people who have felony records, other people” — yes, everybody — can’t leech off us in grad school while planning a bloodbath?

Along with the clamor for grant-control, I’ve also awaited the usual vilification of and calls for vengeance on people who’ve dyed their hair orange. Ditto for those unlucky enough to have been born and raised in San Diego, anyone smarter than the average bear, and all graduate students.

Yet Americans have shown surprising mercy to these groups, given that one of their members slaughtered twelve victims and wounded several dozen more. Still, for our own protection, shouldn’t we deport everybody in these subsets?

That’s the remedy most Americans, including far too many lovers of liberty, would recommend had James Holmes hailed from elsewhere than the ol’ Homeland. Indeed, to listen to these folks, you’d think Americans suffered no politicians thieving from them nor bureaucrats gate-raping them, no cops beating them to a pulp or driving drunk and slaughtering them. Rather, they insist that “illegals” commit most crimes, far more than “real” Americans, except for the few they attribute to recent (read “legal”) immigrants.

They advance similar claims for “illegals’” exploitation of welfare. These miscreants step over an imaginary line on the ground not to escape persecution or horrific poverty but solely so they can loaf all day at our expense. Along with this dogged assertion goes a stunning immunity to facts. You can protest all you like that the Welfare Reform Act of 1996 bars “illegals” from collecting benefits, as does their overwhelming fear of revealing themselves to authorities who can deport them. But you will never convince “real” Americans that the diabolically clever wetback can’t maneuver around this law.

In reality, the only communism the Feds still enforce with regard to “illegals” is the asinine requirement that emergency rooms treat anyone who staggers through the doors, regardless of ability to pay. And most states continue imprisoning all children, even those born overseas, in their indoctrination centers each day, to the ire of the xenophobes.

I confess to vast amusement at the latter. The so-called schools on which Leviathan wastes our money produce illiterates who confuse Joe Biden with Osama bin Laden (easy mistake, I admit) and who can neither add nor subtract (though they multiply just fine, thanks to the courses in “Family Life” Our Rulers mandate). By any measure, public schools are colossal failures, and they set up their graduates to become equally colossal failures. Yet the anti-“illegal” crowd froths furiously at the Lopezes’ enrolling their kids. Wouldn’t you think they’d rejoice instead that little Maria and Pedro are finally receiving condign punishment for invading our sacred soil?

But no. Meanwhile, Leviathan smiles with craft and guile at such venom. And why not? The beast has carefully cultivated it for 150 years, ever since the Supreme Clowns in Gowns invented an “interest” for the Feds in controlling movement into and out of the country. The ploy’s been monumentally successful, too. While many Americans recognize government’s paw-prints as it grabs more power in its Wars on Drug Users and on Unofficial Terrorists, they refuse to see those same slimy tracks all over the War on Movement. Indeed, they call for ever more stringent protection against Mexicans. (Curiously, they don’t fret nearly as much about “illegals” from Canada and those of Asian or European ancestry).

Of course, said “protection” always means more power for the State. No matter how “libertarian” the solution to the alleged “problem” of immigration, even if we declare it a matter for private property to resolve, we still authorize the State to declare some people “illegal” and others not.

To what end? Why would any society seek to pit its residents against each other? That’s Leviathan’s tactic and shame, not liberty’s.

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